Family Owned & Operated

Every member of our team is a capable, dependable pet lover.

Austin Dog Butler is a 5-star pet care company owned and operated by Jayce McQuerter. Jayce was inspired to start a high-quality, neighborhood pet care service after many stressful searches for trustworthy caretakers for their own pups while traveling. Now, years later after launching, Austin Dog Butler has serviced hundreds of pets all over Austin.

Meet Our Austin Team

Our team members are pet care experts who are life-long pet owners. We take our job very seriously. We cherish, above all, creating an individualized bond with every pet in our care. Each staff member proudly completes a background check in order to provide you with total peace of mind. Meet the team who provides excellent service to your pets! Click each photo to learn more about your walkers.

Jayce McQuerter

Jayce McQuerter

Austin Dog Butler Owner & Operator

Jayce spent his formative years in San Diego, California, before moving to attend school at Washington University in Saint Louis. An entrepreneur through-and-through, Jayce was inspired to establish Austin Dog Butler after struggling to find quality pet care for his own pup, Moose. He cuddles up every night to a Labrador, Mini Aussie and Tabby cat.

Andi M.

Operations Coordinator

Furry Friends: I have 2 yorkies, Chloe and Little Bear. Chloe is very friendly, feisty, and has a ton of energy...she keeps me on my toes! Little Bear is super sweet, lovable, and looks up to his big sister. They go everywhere with me and hold the key to my heart.

Education Interests: I hold a degree in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Passions: I love animals, traveling, and festivals. I am also a total foodie with a love for music.

Spirit Animal: A yorkie, of course!

Dana S

Laura D.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I have a couple of parakeets, and an African Grey parrot, named Baby Bird. Baby Bird is 20 years old, and just laid her first egg! She created a dome of newspapers on the bottom of the cage, and hung out there for a couple of days. Next thing I know, she is sitting on an egg! And she said to me, "What are you doing?"

Passions: I jam out to Folk music. I worked at a large boarding kennel for 10 years, and also volunteered for a pet-therapy group, and Pug Rescue. I've raised 4 wonderful children, and have 4 grandchildren.

Spirit Animal: An elephant.

Jamie N.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I grew up with a Beta fish and a crazy hamster, but my heart will always belong to the sweetest Australian Shepard mix, named Bailey. He didn't love other dogs, but would do anything for some belly rubs and a treat!

Education Interests: I'm currently pursuing a Master's of Social Work and UT Austin.

Passions: When I'm not at school, I spend my time cooking, watching funny movies, exploring the Austin area, and frequenting coffee shops.

Spirit Animal: A cow!

Ann-Marie M.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I have grown up with dogs throughout my childhood however, my small companion right now is a guinea pig named Piggington. He travels with me where ever I go. He enjoys car rides, but more importantly, food!

Education Interests: I have taught swim lessons to children living on a military base in Okinawa and have worked as a Para-educator with high school students. I came to Austin through AmeriCorps and completed my AmeriCorps National Year of Service work by tutoring children in literacy. I hold a BA in Leisure, Youth, and Human Services

Passions: I enjoy working out, reading non fiction books, volunteering at local food movements, and anything animal-related!

Spirit Animal: Wolf

Danny V.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I have a Pug named Nucky, an orange and white Tabby named Polly and a black cat named Jaxx. Nucky has mind of his own but is very obedient. In August he received his CGC title and I am very proud of his hard work getting there.

Education Interests: I am a Certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist. I enjoy what I do because I have fun helping dog owners and families achieve their goals, strengthen the bond with their dog through training and walking and improve the owner and dog’s quality of life. I am pet first aid certified and I am also an Affiliate Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. I also like to donate my time to rescues when I can. Currently I signed on to train adopted Staffies (Pit Bulls) at Luv-A-Bull rescue.

Passions: I enjoy hanging out with my dog at the park and teaching him new tricks. You can also find me running around Lady Bird Lake or Mueller Park or just hanging around the house doing some yard work.

Spirit Animal: My spirit animal is a Sloth. There's a long story behind that.

Inti S.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: My parents' dog, Bhodi, still holds the prize in my mind for the most perfect pup. He'd happy riding on your lap in the car for hours and hours--we're talking up to 7 or 8 hours on long road trips!

Education Interests: I hold a degree from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

Passions: When I'm not with animals I'm constantly taking pictures.

Spirit Animal: A hen...I love to tuck in at night and feel comfy!

Josh L.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I do not have any pets currently due to my busy lifestyle, however, I grew up in the country with many pets.

Education Interests: During my high school years I was a certified lifeguard, which involved observing many young children. I was also a staff leader for a recreational summer day camp for children between the ages of 8-12

Passions: I love being a musician. I am a singer and also have talents in a few instruments. I love creating sounds to bring them together to make songs. Being a performer brings me many joys. I have dedicated my life to it, which has allowed it to become my passion, interest and hobby.

Spirit Animal: A lion

Rachel K.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: Right now, I have the pleasure of living with Leo, an eight-year-old, apricot, standard poodle. He is my assistant in gardening and life. We have a great alliance. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela and he speaks dog, hand signals, Spanish and English.

Education Interests: I used to volunteer in my Presbyterian church nursery school, then I baby sat, then I substituted at a local day care, then I was a nanny for a bit in college. At Women & Their Work I reached out to teachers and recreation centers, providing them with curricula and incentives to take art field trips. I provided 650 students a year age appropriate, customized gallery tours and art making activities.

Passions: I make oil paintings and other art, write about art and culture, and am an independent curator. I garden a bunch and like bird watching.

Spirit Animal: A raccoon or a woodpecker.

Stepahnie G.

Stephanie G.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I have one beautiful pet as of now and his name is Pickles! He is a 3 year old orange tabby who can be very sweet but also change on a dime and become a little crazy. You have to earn his love, as you do with most cats, but it's well-worth anyone's time.

Education Interests: I'm currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Science.

Passions: "Creating" is my passion. My mind is constantly putting colors & images together. My hobbies include painting, exploring, and traveling when time allows it.

Spirit Animal: Definitely an owl.

Eric T.

Eric T.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I've also lived with and helped to care for a boa constrictor, several cats, and an extremely loving Pit Bull whose greatest tragedy in life is that not everyone wants to be her new best friend...she just loves everyone!

Education Interests: I hold a degree in Sociology.

Passions: I grew up with hiking, camping, and white water rafting being a huge part of my life. My mother was a class 5 whitewater raft guide in California, and we spent most of our weekends outdoors. I love to observe wildlife. I also love the ocean, and I find deep-sea creatures fascinating.

Spirit Animal: A Potoo--they have the most amazing eyes!

Kayla G.

Joanne T.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I grew up with Dino, who is still alive and lives in Austin with my parents. He is the sweetest Australian Shepard/Husky mix, and he is a brother to me. My family got Dino when I was 9 years old, so we have really grown up together!

Education Interests: I hold a degree in Film & Video.

Passions: When I am not walking/caring for pets, or spending time with Dino and my family, I like to make films and watch movies, draw, read, swim, birdwatch, and go on walks.

Spirit Animal: A Hammerhead Shark.

Melodie W.

Austin Dog Butler Walker

Furry Friends: I'm the proud owner of two little doggies. Asia, my three year old shihtzu, has a cute little snaggle tooth and will do just about anything for attention and Wallace, my 11 year old wiener dog, is blind but that doesn't keep him down. Wallace was adopted this year of APA! They're the best lil nuggets around.

Education Interests: I'm currently a staff member at Austin Pets Alive! I've worked in various other animal jobs and my hope is to continue working alongside dogs for the rest of my life. Animal shelter jobs aren't easy but they're so worth it.

Passions: I love any excuse to crafty, I'm addicted to concerts and music festivals and I love spending days volunteering at various animal shelters in the Austin area.

Spirit Animal: My spirit animal would either be a dog for obvious reasons or a giraffe because I'm almost over 6 feet tall!

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